Hornets’ Miles Bridges Throws Mouthpiece At Heckling Fan, Misses, And Hits Teenage Girl In The Head

Miles Bridges


  • Hornets’ Miles Bridges was ejected for arguing a goaltending call in the fourth quarter of play-in game vs Hawks.
  • While being escorted off the court, Bridges threw his mouthpiece at a heckling fan but missed and hit a teenage girl in the head.
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Hornets star Miles Bridges needs to work on his aim this offseason.

In the fourth quarter of the Hornets-Hawks play-in game, Bridges was ejected after getting heated during an argument with a ref over a goaltending call.

As he walked off the court, Bridges appeared annoyed by a heckling fan and threw his mouthpiece at him. Unfortunately, the mouthpiece missed the heckler and hit a teenage girl standing next to him instead.

Update: Bridges tweeted out that he wanted to make amends with the young girl that he hit with his mouthpiece.

NBA fans had interesting reactions to Bridges’ mouthpiece throw.