Former Star Claims Biggest WWE Locker Room Bully Is A 4’5 Leprechaun

by 4 years ago
Brodus Clay Hornswoggle


The legend that is Hornswoggle is having quite the run in the last few months.

First, Hornswoggle shared the hilarious tale of having heat with The Rock because the first time the two met, Rock thought the 4’5 wrestler was a Make-A-Wish child. Now, Hornswoggle former dance partner Brodus Clay is coming clean bout just how nasty the former cruiserweight champion can get in the locker room.

“I attacked Dylan once.”
“He’s a bully. He is a bully.”
“Yeah, he throws his weight around.”
“He’s a bully. He’s a verbal assassin. He picks. He judges. He’s just an evil guy.”

I can’t say I’m shocked that Hornswoggle uses his words to cut down dudes half his size. I also can’t say I’m shocked that a dude as big as Clay would take offense to those words.

Semi-related — the “throws his weight around” line, that was a shot at Hornswoggle, right? He meant because Hornswoggle is 142 pounds which is one half of the size of the smallest WWE Superstar. Right? Or am I reading too much into that?

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