Everyone’s Sharing Their Hottest Sports Takes Right Now And Some Of These Are Truly Brilliant

Everyone's Sharing Their Hottest Sports Takes Some Are Truly Brilliant

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  • ESPN’s Mina Kimes sent out a viral tweet asking for everyone’s ‘goofiest sports take’ and the tweet blew up with everyone adding their hottest sports takes
  • Most of the ‘goofiest sports takes’ are rules suggestions on how to fix various leagues or teams and some of them are truly spectacular
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Every sports fan has at least one hot take when it comes to their favorite sport or their favorite team. ESPN’s Mina Kimes learned this after firing off a tweet asking for everyone’s ‘goofiest sports take’ and she received thousands and thousands of responses.

Most of the ‘goofiest sports takes’ are in the form of rules changes to the major sports and some of them are downright brilliant, others are just hilarious. Mine isn’t a rules change, it’s just something I firmly believe. If FSU Football brought back the cut-off jerseys that show players’ stomachs they’d be a powerhouse within a season because of the pressure to stay in elite athletic and physical shape when your bare stomach is on national TV every week.

One of the best takes I saw is in baseball, any pitch that gets past the catcher should allow the batter to try and steal first base, not just the 3rd strike. This should 100% be implemented by Major League Baseball and they should’ve done it a hundred years ago. Everyone on Twitter has a ‘goofy take’ and I’ve compiled a bunch of the best ones below!

Some Of The Hottest Sports Takes Are Actually Brilliant

As a Tampa Bay Lightning fan, I love this idea. But it would also fundamentally change the NHL Draft in ways that would need to be sorted out.

Why not?

Some Of These Hot Sports Takes Are Straight Up Facts

This one made me laugh

Anything you’d add to the discussion? Hopin there with your hottest sports take!