Patrick Mahomes Is Poised To Be The NFL’s First Billionaire Player Thanks To These Savvy Investments

Here's How Patrick Mahomes Will Become NFL's First Billionaire Player

Getty Image / John E. Moore III

  • Patrick Mahomes is one of the highest-paid athletes in the world and he’s on track to become the first billionaire NFL player
  • Patrick makes a ton from his NFL salary but endorsements and shrewd investments are what will inevitably propel him to billionaire status
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Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is one of the highest-paid athletes on the planet and he’s worth every penny. He is on track to become the league’s first-ever billionaire player (all of the owners are billionaires) and his accumulation of wealth is driven by investments and endorsements as much as his handsome salary.

Since becoming the Chiefs’ starter in 2018, Patrick Mahomes won an MVP, Super Bowl, Super Bowl MVP, went back to another Super Bowl, and an AFC Championship. He’s been delivering value on every cent of his 10-year, $503,000,000 contract from the Chiefs.

To date, Mahomes has earned $47,454,472 in contract money. Over the next 10 seasons, that number will climb to $491,454,472. How exactly does he get from there to being the first-ever billionaire NFL player? ‘Business of Sports’ reporter and Twitter user @AndrewPetcash breaks it down in an easily digestible thread.

Here’s How Patrick Mahomes Will Become The NFL’s First Billionaire Player

It’s pretty remarkable how many endorsements Mahomes has and how infrequently we hear him speak in TV commercials.

Pro Sports Franchise Owner

You might recognize Hyperice as the company behind the Hypervolt sports massager. I’ve got one and swear by it for recovery after long-distance runs.

It’s worth noting that Patrick could make some bad investments in the future that change these numbers. In fact, it would be weird if he didn’t make some bad investments at some point in his career as nobody gets it right 100% of the time. That said, life’s been good to him so far.

What Doesn’t Patrick Mahomes Own At This Point?

If Patrick Mahomes could open a 31st Whataburger and do that in my hometown in Southwest Florida I’d be a happy camper. Or rather, if someone from Whataburger can drop me an email about opening up a franchise myself that’d be great. I’m sure I could come up with the franchise fee easily if it meant bringing Whataburger to Florida’s Southwest.

As it stands, the nearest locations to me are Jacksonville and Tallahassee. It’d be quicker for me to fly to the Dallas airport and crush a burger there. Patrick Mahomes clearly understands people like myself who use Hypervolt massagers and love Whataburger. I’m literally his target demographic for investing even if he doesn’t know it.

It’s unclear when Patty will become a billionaire but it is certainly in his future. I can’t help but wonder though, is the injury risk of playing in the NFL worth it if you are worth a billion dollars off the field?