I Asked 11 Fitness Pros To Share Tips On How To Achieve (And Keep) A Lean Body — Here’s Their Answers

by 3 years ago

Let’s face it, we’re all a little vain.

Whether you’re like me and openly admit it, or you would rather hide your vanity in the closet, as humans being vain is only natural.

We all at one point or another have walked past a mirror and picked out one (or in most cases more than one) thing that we would like to change about our bodies. Maybe you want bigger arms, a rounder butt, or chiseled abs.

In fact, the reason many people take up a fitness regimen for purely aesthetic reasons: lose fat, build muscle, look better naked, etc.

Many people though do not truly know the steps you need to take, not only to achieve a lean physique, but maintain it as well. It is a lot more involved than simply “eat less, move more.”

In order to achieve the body you want, you need to create habits that set you up for success. Once you put these habits into place, achieving the body of your dreams becomes a much simpler process.

But in order to get where we’re going, some direction would help right? After all, if you’re driving from New York to L.A., you could probably get there without a map or GPS; but directions would make it much, much easier.

So in order to help you get where you need to go, I reached out to 11 trainers and coaches and asked them to share some habits they have found necessary to achieve and maintain a lean physique.

Think of these habits as your directions to the body you’ve always wanted…

Focus on small victories – Tanner Baze, tannerbaze.com

Tanner“We all know what we need to do to drop fat and get lean, getting ourselves to do it is the trick. I love to trick myself by challenging myself to pile up “little wins”. Winning at breakfast by eating veggies, winning by drinking water, winning by eating lean protein. No matter how small, it all adds up. After a few days of pilling up little wins, you’ve really started to build some serious momentum that can carry you to the six pack shrine. And what do you do if you fall off? It’s as simple as finding your next little win.”






Stop trying to be perfect – Mike Vacanti, On The Regimen

Mike“You would be shocked how many people I see let a obsession with perfection ruin them.

Let me give you an example: Danny is trying to lose fat and “get abs” for the first time in his life. He is tracking his macros and doing really well, when on Thursday night he ends up 200 calories more than his target for the day.

Danny is frustrated and distraught. He had such a perfect week. And now it’s all ruined. He is so upset with himself.. storming through the kitchen, he says F-it, and destroys a bowl a giant fruity pebbles (sidenote: great choice by him). Followed by another. Followed by a 1200 calorie pint of ice cream. Because “he already screwed up.. might as well enjoy himself.”

Missing by 200 calories or having a bad workout is completely normal. You will make insane progress by getting close, being consistent, and avoiding the big blow ups. Quit chasing perfection, it doesn’t exist.”

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