Hulk Hogan Explains Who Fired Him From WWE In The Middle Of The Night

Hulk Hogan No Holds Barred


The Hulk Hogan pity party continues with an interview about how the orange goblin was fired from the WWE after, well, you know.

The Hulkster was interviewed by SI and was probably all “so whatta wanna talk about, brother?” and they were all “we think you know” and Hulk was all “oh yeah that thing.” Hogan explained more about that fateful night — not the one where he fucked his best friend’s wife and called everyone the N-word — but the OTHER fateful night when the WWE counted 1-2-3 and killed Hulkamania.

From that interview with Sports Illustrated:

“I never talked to Vince. The only person I talked to was Triple H. I called him and told him there was some old news coming out from when TMZ first reported the tape and there were some racial slurs on it. Triple H said, ‘OK, thanks for calling. Let me talk to Vince.’

“He called me back a half hour later and he goes, ‘I’ve got some news and it isn’t good. Vince said that you need to resign.’ I never heard from Vince or talked to Vince. In the middle of the night, they just fired me…. They had to do what was best for business,” said Hogan. “Triple H was telling me the USA Network was reacting very badly, and they had to make a quick decision, and that was to put me out to pasture.”

Triple H is the hatchet man in the WWE these days but Vince could at least get on the horn. In all fairness to Hulk, Hulkamania is absolutely responsible for making Vince a billionaire. You could argue it’s the other way around, but either way, he owes the guy at least a phone call.

It’s probably just as well. Hogan would have only gotten mad and called him the N-word anyway.

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