Hulk Hogan Will STILL Retweet Anything, Even If It’s Racially Offensive To Some

This is not a repeat. Hulk Hogan has once again retweeted something he probably shouldn’t have. Just add it to the list of the many, many times the Hulkster retweeted something awful but let’s not lump it into the time he thought a popular singer was an HIV patient.

Today, a Hulk Hogan fan asked for a retweet, and the Orange Goblin obliged, but maybe he should have sat this one out considering the word usage…

It’s perfectly logical to think “maybe Jamal just wanted a retweet” but his use of a particular word, a word that’s gotten Hogan in some trouble for using in the past, that will make a person wonder if Jamal is just trolling the Huckster.

Jamal went with the hard R. He made a choice. Hogan made a choice to retweet. We can all choose to believe both did it on purpose or by accident. I choose to believe Hogan’s still doesn’t “get it.”

Hulk is yet to take the RT down and Jamal is still just a “working brother” and happy as hell about the tweet.