Hulk Hogan Falls For ANOTHER Twitter Prank — This Time Thinks Pop Star Is An HIV Patient


Back in April, we did an extensive recap of the many, MANY times Hulk Hogan failed at Twitter. Most incidents involved the Hulkster retweeted photos of serial killers thinking they were super fans or the one time he just tweeted “Help.” It was our hope, for the Hulkster’s sake, that we’d never have to update the list.

We were so wrong, brother.

To his credit, the disgraced former WWE Hall of Famer thought he was doing a nice thing by responding with positive thoughts and love for someone’s sister suffering from HIV. The tweets and the account that initiated the unfortunate interaction have been deleted, but livejournal user FKA made sure they were saved for posterity.

Again, this would be a very nice gesture from a disgraced pro wrestling legend, except, you know…that lady isn’t someone’s dying sister, she’s international pop star Cheryl Fernandez-Versini: AKA Cheryl Tweedy.

Now, to be fair to the orange goblin, a Hulk Hogan wouldn’t really know who a British pop star was BUT, well, HE’S FALLEN FOR IT SO MANY FUCKING TIMES AT THIS POINT! And is it really possible that this dying woman is hoping for a RT from the guy recently outed as a giant racist and the only photo her brother has looks like a screenshot from a Dateline NBC audition?

The Huckster was quickly alerted to the trick, took the well wish down, and told people to stop being wack.

[via With Spandex]