Minor League Team Refuses To Change ‘Indians’ Name Despite Controversy

Indianapolis Indians

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The Indianapolis Indians will not be changing their name anytime soon.

Despite receiving backlash and seeing other major league teams change their mascot names due to controversy, the Triple-A affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates is keeping the name they’ve had for over 100 years while partnering with a local tribe.

Next season the Indianapolis Indians will “honor Miami veterans during Native American Heritage Night at Victory Field, support of the Miami scholarship program and fan educational opportunities.”

“We are pleased to work with the Miami Nation of Indians of Indiana to help educate our fans about the rich history and culture of its tribe,” Indianapolis Chairman and CEO Bruce Schumacher said.

“We look forward to using our platform to educate our fans by acknowledging, uplifting and honoring those upon whose ancestral lands Victory Field is built.”

Brin Buchanan, the Chief of the Miami Nation Indians of Indiana, “encouraged the team to remain the Indianapolis Indians” and doesn’t “understand” why people want the team’s name changed.

“We are grateful to the Indianapolis Indians for the opportunity to share our story with Hoosiers throughout central Indiana,” said Buchanan.

“When the history of Indiana is studied, the major influence of Native American people is seen in the names of Indiana cities, state parks, rivers, food, celebrations and other cultural points of interest.”

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