Inter Miami Has Become More Popular Than Every NFL Team Overnight

An Inter Miami FC logo outside the arena.

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The Inter Miami Futbol Club has seen its popularity grow exponentially overnight thanks to the addition of soccer superstar Lionel Messi. It’s now become more popular than every NFL, MLB, and NHL team on Instagram in a 24-hour period.

The social media account reportedly gained more than 4 million followers after the news was announced, demonstrating just how powerful the “Messi Effect” is in South Florida.

Messi announced his plans to sign with the Inter Miami team on Wednesday, rejecting a $1 billion offer from Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal. Instead, he’ll receive a portion of MLS Season Pass revenue from Apple as part of his new contract in the US.

Prices at the box office saw an immediate spike, with tickets for Messi’s expected debut contest becoming more expensive than NBA Finals entry. Prior to the signing, tickets could be purchased for less than $30. After, they rose to more than $450.

We’re now seeing Messi’s impact on the team’s online popularity.

Joe Pompliano of Huddle Up said that the team’s Instagram account added 4.2 million followers overnight, a number that’s still growing.

Its current 5.6 million followers total more than every NFL, MLB, and NHL team as the soccer club has become one of the most popular sports teams in the United States.

Fans were quick to comment on the team’s newfound popularity.

“The Messi effect is real!” one person exclaimed while another said, “This is great for Inter Miami.”

This follower wrote, “Soccer is the king of sports despite many people in the US still not being able to admit it.”

Messi’s debut is expected to come in just over a month with July 21st slated as the pinpointed date. Expect to see a packed house in Miami when he does finally hit the pitch.