The Sports World’s Best Reactions From The Dumpster Fire That Was The Mayweather-McGregor Brooklyn Press Conference

by 8 months ago

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The three-pronged MayMac promotional tour has generated a good amount of buzz for the impending fight on August 26 in Las Vegas. Los Angeles, the first stop, was a WWE level of entertainment. I half expected Vince McMahon to strut out with his shirt off an drill someone over the head with a steel chair. Mayweather and McGregor kept the tensions high as the tour rolled into Toronto, darting insults back-and-forth and upholding that cartoonish animosity.

Well, it was apparent that on the third stop of the tour, Brooklyn, the well had run dry. The crowd had to wait two hours past the scheduled start time for the athletes to show up and many of them reported that they couldn’t even hear what they were saying. It was a nightmare. McGregor misfired on his trash talk–from singing Notorious B.I.G. lyrics, because, Brooklyn, or attempting to stomp out racism rumors by saying that he’s “half-black, from my belly button down,” then gyrating for his “beautiful black female fans.” By the end, everyone just wanted it to end, including the sports world and members of the sports media.

Here are some of the tweets that adequately summed up the dumpster fire.

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