This Video Shows An Iowa Fan Sh*tting All Over The SEC In An Epic Troll Job

by 3 years ago


Unless you’re an SEC football fan, you probably share the idea that there’s a national bias towards the entire conference as being the most dominant, competitive and toughest in all of the land. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s always true, but that’s why an Iowa Hawkeyes fan released a total troll job on the conference with this video.

The SEC has been great the past decade-plus, but the undefeated and 10th-ranked Hawkeyes do have an argument that they’re pretty damn good, too. Maybe they’ll get their chance to settle it on the field in the College Football Playoff later this season.



Iowa fans, man, they’re showing NO mercy at all with this one.

[H/T FTW.USAToday]

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