Iowa Is The Laughingstock Of College Football After Brian Ferentz’s Contract Incentives Are Revealed

Iowa Is The Laughingstock Of College Football After Brian Ferentz's Contract Incentives Are Revealed

Getty Image / Matthew Holst

The Iowa Hawkeye offense last season was a flat-out embarrassment. It took them over four games to have a multi-play touchdown drive of over 50 yards.

The stats are terrible. The team ranked 130th in total offense out of 132 teams, and was just dreadful to watch.

Look at some of these plays.

To make matters worse, the offense is ran by Brian Ferentz, son of head coach Kirk Ferentz. It’s blatant nepotism, as Brian Ferentz is terrible at his job.

Naturally, his dad won’t fire him. But, some new incentives are going into Brian Ferentz’s contract that are flat-out embarrassing.

Here’s some more details.

For Ferentz to return to his previous two-year rolling contract, the Hawkeyes must reach a mere 25 points per game — by any means, including defense and special teams — in 2023. Additionally, the Hawkeyes must reach seven wins, which includes a potential bowl game. Ferentz accepted a $50,000 salary decrease to $850,000 for the season. If Ferentz fails to meet either of the two incentives, his contract will officially terminate on June 30, 2024.

Calling the incentives manageable is an understatement. Outside of the 2020 pandemic season, Iowa has not won fewer than seven games in a full season since 2012. The 25 points per game mark would have ranked No. 85 nationally in 2022, tied with Butch Jones’ 3-9 Arkansas State squad. If Iowa’s offense reaches those meager standards, Ferentz will get a raise to $925,000 and a bonus of $112,500 that would push his 2024 salary past the $1 million mark.

That’s incredibly emasculating for both Ferentz’s. And, we will all get to follow along with his progress, or lack thereof, all season.