Isiah Thomas Just Cannot Stop Throwing Shade At Michael Jordan, Makes Another Flawed Argument Against His Greatness

Isiah Thomas Just Cant Stop Throwing Shade At Michael Jordan

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  • Isiah Thomas once again tried to build himself up by downplaying Michael Jordan’s achievements in yet another salty rant.
  • This time Thomas tried to claim he had it harder when he won his two NBA championships than Jordan did when he won his six.
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It’s now been 30 years since Isiah Thomas got snubbed by the Dream Team. One would think he would be over it by now. One would be wrong.

Because that is never going to happen. Isiah Thomas is never going to stop being salty about the long held belief that Michael Jordan had something to so with him being left off of the 1992 United States Olympic basketball team.

No one has ever come out, point blank, and said it was true, but that’s apparently what Thomas believes.

Not that he doesn’t have good reason to think it. After all, Michael Jordan did call him an a–hole in an episode of The Last Dance.

Plus, there is some supposed audio of Jordan that seems to prove Jordan lied when he said he wasn’t responsible for Isiah Thomas being left off the team.

However, according to the book When the Game Was Ours by Jackie MacMullan, it was actually Magic Johnson who had the most influence in keeping Isiah off the roster.

Regardless, the 60-year-old Thomas never misses a chance to throw shade at his one-time competitor (even if he did laughably claim that he didn’t consider Michael Jordan his competition).

This week, during an appearance on the Point Forward podcast with Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner, Thomas once again tried to diminish Michael Jordan and his accomplishments.

Isiah Thomas will never stop being salty about Michael Jordan

“When I came home ’88, ’89, ’90, I was celebrated in my community,” Thomas explained. “I came home as a champion. Chicago hadn’t won yet. As a matter of fact, we was beating them. Consistently. Like, really consistently. As a matter of fact, they was still finishing fourth and fifth in the division. So this whole narrative about, ‘Jordan went through Bird, he went through Magic, he went through Kareem.’ Nooooo. Timeout. That’s my story! That ain’t Jordan’s story!”

“Jordan didn’t go through Magic, Kareem, Bird, if I remember correctly. Jordan beat, he beat us in ’91 at the end, and then he beat Barkley, Shawn Kemp, Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing. These were the people he beat. He didn’t beat Magic, Bird, and Kareem. But y’all been sold this story, ‘Oh, he was in the ’80s getting down.’ No, no, no, no, no.”

Here we go again. Isiah Thomas rewriting history to suit his fragile ego.

Oh well, death, taxes and Isiah Thomas being openly salty and questioning Michael Jordan’s status as the GOAT: three things we can always count on to never stop happening.

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