J.J. Watt Impersonates Arnold Schwarzenegger Far Better Than Any Of His Texans Teammates, Or Anybody For That Matter



J.J. Watt is a man of many talents, and they’re not all limited to destroying opposing players on the confines of a football field, that’s for sure.

Watt and his Houston Texans teammates tried their hands at their best Arnold Schwarzenegger renditions after conditioning yesterday, just to goof around, nothing more nothing less. Of course, not to be outdone, well, ever, J.J. gave by far the best imitation of Arnold I think anyone has seen in recent memory.

Even the Terminator himself took to Twitter too share his affirmation for Watt’s killer impression skills.


After football, it seems, Watt might have another line of work to step right into. Not that we didn’t think he had all the makings of a hard-nose, action movie star that does all of his own stunts anyway.

Well done, sir.

[h/t Muscle & Fitness]

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