Jacksonville State’s 2019 College Football Hype Video Is Completely Insane

Jacksonville State 2019 Football Hype Video Is Completely Bizarre

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The Jacksonville State Gamecocks are one of the powerhouse programs in the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) out of the Ohio Valley Conference. Of that there is no doubt.

They are one of the oldest, most storied college football programs in the country having played their first game way back in 1904, winning a total of 534 games and 20 conference championships, including four straight over the last four years.

In those four seasons the Gamecocks out of Alabama have gone 10-2, 10-2, 13-2, and 10-2, and haven’t lost a single game in their conference going 31-0.

So it is very understandable that the team and its fans would be very hyped for their 2019 college football season to kick off Thursday night against the Southeastern Louisiana University Lions on ESPN+.

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As hyped as they may be, there really is no logical explanation for what takes place in Jacksonville State’s 2019 football hype video.

For example…

What… is going on?

That’s not even the weirdest part. You really owe it to yourself to watch the whole thing.

See if any of the reactions below match how you felt watching that video.


Oh, c’mon. The video isn’t that bad!

Perhaps this Ohio State hype video will help cleanse your eyeballs. Unlike what you just witnessed, it is actually pretty good..

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