Jaguars Offer An Update On The Status Of Suspended Star Receiver Calvin Ridley

Calvin Ridley

Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars have provided an update on the status of their star wide receiver Calvin Ridley, who has been suspended indefinitely by the NFL for gambling on his former team, the Atlanta Falcons, to win.

Ridley, who has missed the entire 2022 season due to the suspension, has not been reinstated by the NFL yet, according to head coach Doug Pederson.

Calvin Ridley’s Suspension

In March 2022, Ridley was suspended indefinitely by the NFL for violating the league’s policy on sports betting. Ridley was found to have placed bets on NFL games involving his own team, the Falcons. The league prohibits players from betting on any NFL game, including those in which they are not participating.

Status Update

Jaguars coach Doug Pederson provided an update on Ridley’s status during a recent press conference. He confirmed that Ridley has not yet been reinstated by the NFL and that the team is still awaiting word on when he will be able to return to the field.

Calvin Ridley’s suspension was a significant blow to the team last season. Ridley is expected to be a key contributor for the Jaguars’ offense if he’s reinstated next season.

Ridley’s suspension has been a significant setback for both the player and his team. The Jaguars are still awaiting word on when Ridley will be able to return to the field, but there is hope that he will be reinstated soon.

Ridley’s suspension highlights the NFL’s strict policies on sports betting and serves as a reminder to all players of the consequences of violating those policies. As the offseason progresses, the Jaguars will be keeping a close eye on Ridley’s status and hoping for his return to the field.