The Jaguars And Falcons’ Social Media Teams Continue Winless Season With Sad Squabble

Getty Image / Composite

Just two winless games into the 2021 NFL season, Urban Meyer decided to break the fourth wall and deliver a “hang tight” message to all six Jaguars fans.

The message, which was dolled up by a graphic designer on the Jags payroll, was distributed on the franchise’s social pages after giving up 60 points in two games and Golden Boy Trevor Lawrence tossing 5 interceptions and posting an average QBR of 57.1.

After my boss reprimands me for showing up to a meeting smelling like plastic-bottled booze:

Why Meyer found it necessary to instill comfort above-deck with 15 games remaining on the schedule is beyond me (and many others), but one can only hope the Jags are the only squad to stoop this lo–

Oh no.

The Atlanta Falcons, a team was demolished by Philadelphia at home in the season opener and carved up by Tom Brady the following week, is joining the fray.

The team dazzled up a quote by head coach Arthur Smith and distributed it to its 2.3 million Twitter followers. This would have been a next-level troll if the Falcons weren’t dead serious.

If this wasn’t sad enough, the Jacksonville Jaguars are now taking aim at the Falcons for plagiarizing their “We Are Poo Poo” statement, ensuring the Jags and the Jags alone are recognized as the trail-blazers of piss poor public relations.

Controversy drives engagement, and engagement is the name of the game on social media, so I guess the Jags just secured their first W.