Jake Paul Shares His Two Cents On KSI’s Controversial Win

KSI calling out Jake Paul

Getty Image / Michael Reaves

Influencer boxing seems to be the new form of boxing these days, as many people tuned into KSI’s bout against Joe Fournier.

However, the fight ended with a controversial win after KSI appeared to hit Fournier with an illegal elbow that resulted in a knockout.

It’s been the talk of the town over the weekend and now Jake Paul shares his two cents on what he saw in the ring.

Jake Paul shared the highlight reel of KSI knocking Fournier out while weighing in on what he saw. In the clip, it appears to be rather clear that an illegal elbow is what ended the fight.

For that reason, Jake Paul believes the result of that bout should be overturned.

Fournier couldn’t help but agree. He shares two images showing an elbow hitting him in the face instead of the glove. Joe Fournier also claims he and his team will be appealing his knockout loss, per Damon Martin.

The evidence looks rather clear. However, you never really know how these appeals will go.

We likely won’t receive an update on this situation for another week or so. But at the very least, Jake Paul very much supports Joe Fournier in this incident against KSI.

Keep an eye out for more updates, as more information is seemingly on the way.