Jalen Ramsey Reportedly Tried To Go After AJ Green In The Locker Room After Their Ejections

jalen ramsey aj green locker room

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In case you somehow missed it, during the first half of the the Jaguars’ 23-7 win over the Bengals on Sunday Cincinnati wide receiver A.J. Green went full UFC on Jacksonville cornerback Jalen Ramsey.

After being lightly shoved by Ramsey during a running play by Joe Mixon, Green grabbed Ramsey in a semi-reverse chokehold, slammed him to the ground and started throwing punches. Important note: no one has ever hurt someone wearing a football helmet by punching them in the head.

Naturally, this turned into a free-for-all with Green and Ramsey both being ejected, though Ramsey didn’t really actually participate in the fight other than being a punching bag.

Referee Brad Allen gave this explanation after the game, “We ended up with a fight by Cincinnati, but we had the instigator in Jacksonville. Therefore, they were both disqualified.”

Also after the game, Ramsey reportedly went looking for Green in the visitor’s locker room and shouted profanities at the Bengals, according to ESPN.

According to multiple sources, Ramsey was then seen being restrained by Jaguars personnel and EverBank Stadium security. He was spotted heading toward the Bengals’ locker room before he was restrained, and as the Bengals came in at halftime, he started screaming profanities once he spotted them. Ramsey was also heard yelling that he was going to go find Green once security let him go.

Ramsey did not go in the locker room and was told to return to the Jaguars’ locker room and did, a source said.

Can’t say that I really blame him.

For his part, Green had this to say, according to Jacksonville.com

“I should have walked off in that whole situation,” said the former Georgia receiver. “I definitely learned from this experience. It’s never going to happen again. Whatever the punishment, I accept it. I put myself in that situation.”

It’s still not really clear what Ramsey did specifically that led to Green losing his mind, but whatever it was, he and Ramsey will both certainly be hearing from the league this week.