Jalen Rose Awkwardly Urges ESPN To Give Maria Taylor A Raise On Live TV After It Was Reported She Turned Down $5 Million/Year Contract

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  • On Wednesday afternoon it was reported that College GameDay/NBA Countdown host Maria Taylor was in contentious contract negotiations with ESPN
  • During the latest edition of NBA Countdown, Jalen Rose awkwardly urged ESPN to give Taylor a raise on live TV
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Jalen Rose has Maria Taylor’s back.

On Wednesday it was reported that Taylor is currently in contract negotiations with ESPN and the two sides appear headed towards a divorce. According to the NY Post’s Andrew Marchand, Taylor, who currently makes $1 million/year, turned down a $5 million/year contract extension from the “Worldwide Leader in Sports” because she wants “Stephen A. Smith” money.

ESPN offered her a raise from her current salary of nearly $1 million per year that would eventually reach almost $5 million, according to sources.

Taylor turned it down.

Taylor, sources said, was hoping to be in the “Stephen A. Smith money” neighborhood, which is near $8 million annually.

Before game 6 of the Clippers-Suns series, Rose openly urged ESPN to give Taylor a raise on live TV during NBA countdown amid reports of her contract negotiations.

Jay Williams: If you’re great at what you do, you deserve the bag and Reggie Jackson deserves it.

Jalen Rose: If that’s the case Maria need a raise, you got an MVP vote, you got a Heisman vote, the most unique talent in the game.

As of now it has been reported that ESPN rescinded their previous $5 million and are now apparently only willing to pay Taylor $2-3 million a year which is about $5-6 million less than what Stephen A. Smith makes.

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