The First TV Spot For Jameis Winston As The Tampa Bay QB Is Proof The Team’s All In On Jaboo

You can call him a crab stealer, call him Jaboo (his childhood nickname), call him a Heisman Trophy winner, or call him a BCS National Champion. Jameis Winston goes by many names, and his newest one is ‘Tampa Bay Buccaneers Starting Quarterback’. Sure he’ll have to fight it out in camp to officially earn the title of ‘starter’, but there’s no doubt in my mind at all that come Game 1 against the Tennessee Titans he’ll be suiting up in the red & black or hallowed creamsicle of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and leading the Bucs to a season opening win.

So many people nationwide want to see Jameis Winston fail as an NFL quarterback, I am not one of those people. As an FSU grad and a lifelong Buccaneers fan, I’m in a pretty unique position getting to see the QB who won a natty for my alma mater move on to my NFL team. This video obviously got me jacked up, but for a great many of you it’ll just stoke the flames of hatred towards Jameis. That said, the Bucs did a pretty damn good job of production here. Jameis’ first TV spot with the Bucs is one that’ll certainly elicit a response from you whether or not you’re a fan of Jameis. You can either take this video as a sign that an NFL franchise has turned the corner is on their way to another Super Bowl win, or you can see in this video a franchise that’s building themselves up for a monumental fall. I see the former, many of you will see the latter.

We won’t know how Jameis Winston will perform in the NFL until exactly 118 days from this moment, and a ridiculous amount of speculation will take place between now and then, as well as several very public lawsuits playing out in the media. Anything can happen between now and then, but as a Bucs fan, and FSU fan, and a fan of Jameis Winston it was great to see his first TV spot drop during the Lightning playoffs last week on the local feed, and begin to bring the local fans together under the hope of an NFL team that will no longer be a bottom feeder.