Is This Jameis Winston on Tinder Asking a Girl for Head in Exchange for Promoting Her Mixtape?

In a word, probably not. But maybe.

The folks at Total Frat Move said they were sent this conversation by none other than the girl who painted the insane portrait of Jameis a few months back.

[Ed. Note: She also emailed this to J. Camm on Monday but he never got around to posting it.]

Basically, Lena NW (that’s her pseudonym) got matched with Winston on Tinder. Their conversation below is… maybe real? What do you think?

So… all of that is weird. But… could Jameis be that dumb? Talking about his dick and fucking and strapons and rape on Tinder when he’s that famous?

Actually, yes, he could be. This probably is him.

But, Lena NW also sent this to promote an online game she made called ‘Fuck Everything.’ It takes, according to her email ‘five to ten minutes to load.’ Sounds like a gal who really gets how Web 2.0 works.

But what do you think, Bros? Jameis or not? Real or hoax?

[Via TFM]