James Harden Humiliates Young Camper With An And 1 Mixtape Move We’ve All Tried Before

If you’ve ever been to a basketball camp, you’ve seen the camper defending Harden. There is a porky white kid who thinks he’s way better than he is, has the freshest gear, follows around the talent all week, and is only at the camp because his parents want to bone unbothered for seven days at every camp in America. But you have to be nice to the kid because he always brings Fun Dip and other dope snacks.

And it’s only a matter of time before he gets victimized. Harden took a page out of Hot Sauce’s book from the 2001 And 1 mixtape to send this poor bastard home with a broken spirit.

james harden 2

Hey kid, keep your head up, your defense is mint compared to Harden’s.

james harden

[h/t Dime Magazine]

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