James Harden Takes Subtle Shot At ‘Super Teams’ In Letter To Rockets Fans After Contract Extension

Houston Rockets All-Star James Harden might have once been part of a so-called “super team” while still a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder, and then tried to build his own with the Houston Rockets once he joined that franchise, but don’t you fucking dare call his Rockets a super team nowadays.

That’s because, according to Harden, his Rockets are a bunch of scrappy guys who will do anything to get the job done.

Harden, who takes a shot at well-known “super teams” like the Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavs, Los Angeles Lakers and others in the league, penned the thank you letter to Rockets fans following a huge contract extension he got over the weekend, which was for four years and $118 million.

The four-time All-Star didn’t stop from piling on his hate for these stacked rosters, telling USA Today this about “super teams.”

When asked about the Warriors and the competitiveness of the Western Conference at his renegotiation press conference on Saturday, Harden began by saying that his only focus is the Rockets and how they can improve upon a disappointing season.

Then came the ever-so-subtle jab.

“Obviously the Warriors are a really good team … but there’s only one basketball. You’ve got to figure it out.”

Either Harden’s realized he has zero shot at winning a title now and he wanted to get paid before he demands a trade in two years after the Rockets blow, or he’s just really, really bitter. It might just be a little bit of both.

[H/T FOX Sports]

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