James Harden Reveals Hilarious Amount Of Weight He Lost During Philadelphia 76ers Offseason

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James Harden and the Philadelphia 76ers are considered one of the favorites to compete for an NBA Championship in the coming season. Harden and teammate Joel Embiid combine to form one of the league’s most dynamic duos and The Athletic’s David Aldridge called Philly the league’s most-improved team.

When he wasn’t palling it up with Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Darius Slay, Harden spent the offseason getting in better shape.

The former NBA MVP’s weight has long been a topic of discussion. Every offseason, NBA fans talk about how much weight Harden has gained only for him to suddenly lose the weight when the season begins.

But this season appears to be different. Harden posted pictures of himself looking slimmed down throughout the offseason. He even committed to the bit by refraining from eating any sort of sweets.

So how much weight did he actually lose in the offseason? Harden answered that question on Monday.

James Harden Hilariously Claims To Have Lost 100 Pounds In The Offseason

Harden is used to the questions about his weight. By now, they don’t appear to even phase him. So when the topic came up during Philadelphia 76ers media day on Monday, he was prepared with an answer.

Harden claims to have lost 100 pounds in the offseason. Now, we’re no dietary experts. But the 10-time NBA All-Star was last listed at 220 pounds.

We feel safe saying that he’s probably not walking around at 120 pounds. In fact, we’d guess that he’s probably not remotely close to that.

Though not everyone understood the joke.

Harden’s health and fitness are key to the Sixers’ goals in 2022-23. Fans are clearly happy to hear that he showed up in better shape prior to the new season.

But any questions about just how much weight he lost are a waste of time. One thing he clearly hasn’t lost is his sense of humor.