I Don’t Know What’s More Impressive: James Harrison’s One-Handed 135lb Shoulder Press Or His Crotch Sweat

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ linebacker James Harrison is an absolute BEAST both on the field and in the locker room. For years he’s been posting videos of his workout routine, but today one just so happened to go viral due to some confluence of his impressive one-handed shoulder press of 135-pounds AND his outrageous crotch sweat.


On the one hand I’m all ‘holy shit, how is he lifting that’ but there’s another part of me that’s like a deer caught in headlights, or like a rubbernecker looking at an accident on the highway…thinking ‘Bruh, what the hell is going on with that crotch sweat?’ A man who gets paid to workout for a living SHOULD NOT be that sweaty. When you’re that finely tuned of an athlete, how can there possibly be so much sweat around to accumulate in the crotch region?

But before this rant gets even weirder than it already is, here he is pressing 115 before he threw up 135:


Now stop and ask yourself: “What have I done today?” or better yet, ask yourself “Why isn’t my crotch as sweaty as James Harrison’s?”