Jared Dudley Says Former Charlotte Bobcats Teammate Adam Morrison Was The Most Disgusting Person On The Planet

adam morrison


I’m not going to say I could have called Adam Morrison being a grade-A hygienic dirtbag, but I basically did. Just let me have this, bros…

In one of the first pieces I wrote for BroBible titled ‘The 7 Most Unathletic Looking Athletes Of All Time,’ I described Morrison with the following words:

I can respect a guy who balls that hard but looks like he doesn’t own a collared shirt. Even before I learned that Morrison was a type 1 diabetic, I could have guessed he uses a needle daily. And as someone who can’t grow uniform facial hair, I can respect that sorry excuse for manhood that grows sporadically on his upper lip. Earning more than $10 million in his professional career, I am still almost positive that Morrison’s eats beans from a can and his house has wheels. Which begs the question: if Morrison gets shitfaced in his house, does it count as drunk driving? The most respectable thing about men like Adam Morrison is that money and fame are lost on them. They can’t be bought. They can’t be swindled. They can’t be paying taxes.

Morrison’s former Charlotte Bobcats teammate, Jared Dudley, expanded on my claims during a radio interview on Washington’s 106 The Fan Monday, and he did not mince words.

“Remember Adam Morrison? He never took showers, he did the chewing tobacco that he spit all the time, and he wore the same three polos the whole year. This is a guy who made a lot of money, too, at that time. He was the face of diabetes, he was doing everything, he was on the cover of college games, he was [everywhere], and he was by far the worst and [most] disgusting.”

How bout showers? Morrison is not interested.

“He was playing when I was there, that’s the thing, he was playing,” Dudley said. “He then tore his ACL, that’s when he didn’t play, but he was playing when I was there. He was playing like 30 minutes a game. Gerald Wallace had to force him to take a shower one time. Had to force him. Imagine that. Imagine forcing a grown man to take a shower. He should be ashamed of himself.”

Morrison hasn’t played in the NBA since 2012. Which is coincidently the last time he showered.

[h/t Uproxx]