Memphis Running Back Jarvis Cooper Is Transferring Even Though He Already Got A Tattoo Of Himself In Uniform

I’ll let Ray take this one.

Cooper’s first mistake right out of the gate was getting a tattoo of himself. You never do that. I don’t care how famous you are, there’s no reason to ink your own face on the body that already is graced with your face. That’s like taking a sharpie and writing the number ‘100’ on a $100 bill or taking the same sharpie and writing ‘dumpster fire’ on any of Adam Sandler’s last ten movies. It’s redundant.

In terms of good calls, the decision by Jarvis Cooper to leave Memphis to pursue opportunities as a running back at other universities makes plenty of sense. University of Memphis is already planning for a solid season with a deep team and there really is not much opportunity for Cooper to stand-out as most college players seek to upon entering the league. In terms of bad calls, that tattoo is absolutely fucking horrible. Even if we disregard the whole ‘never tattoo yourself onto your own body’ argument, who designed that? A middle-schooler? That’s the kind of picture I imagine you pull together when you put the three worst artists ever in a room and force them to work together. I’m already imagining how Cooper’s appearance on Tattoo Nightmares will go down. “I got excited to be drafted by Memphis so I got drunk one night and designed my own tattoo and went to the worst parlor in continental United States before deciding I wanted to transfer. I kind of want you to turn it into something cool, but also, if you want to just cover it in black ink and I’ll tell people it’s a birthmark, that’s cool too.” That’s why I disagree with Ray up there: You can pretty much cover up anything. Sometimes, though, it’s way more obvious than others.