LOOK: Eagles Center Jason Kelce Goes Full Guy Fieri After Losing Bet To Zach Ertz

Jason Kelce Bleach Blonde Hair Bet Zach Ertz Philadelphia Eagles

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  • Jason Kelce never thought that Zach Ertz would be a Philadelphia Eagle come the start of the 2021 season.
  • As a result, he lost a bet with his teammate and had to bleach his hair, which Guy Fieri loved.
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When Zach Ertz left the field after Philadelphia’s 20-14 loss to Washington on Jan. 3, 2021, it was expected to be the end of his career with the organization. Ertz, his wife Julie, his teammates, NFL analysts and fans alike assumed that the Eagles tight end would be traded.

It was all but a done deal. He was likely set to be shipped off to the Chargers, Seahawks, Bills or Colts.

However, when Philadelphia began minicamp in June, Ertz was still on the roster. And then, when the team took the field to demolish the Falcons in Week 1 of the 2021 season last Sunday, Ertz recorded two catches for 34 yards.

Despite all indication that he was to be traded, Ertz remains an Eagle and it looks like he is there to stay. As a result, his teammate Jason Kelce had to pay up on a bet.

The 33-year-old center showed up to Thursday’s media session sporting a brand-new bleached blonde hairdo. He made a bet with Ertz that Ertz would be traded before the start of the season.

Kelce lost the bet and dyed his hair, but he is glad that this was a bet that he lost.

In response to Kelce’s new hair color, Mina Kimes referred to him as the “football Guy Fieri.” Fieri, known for his bleached tips and blonde har, saw Kimes’ newly-appointed nickname and reached out to the Eagles lineman to let him know that he likes his new haircut.