Jason And Travis Kelce Shed Tears While Discussing The Super Bowl Experience With Their Parents

Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce

Getty Image / Cooper Neill

The Super Bowl came and went as it was a spectacular game with a controversial finish.

In the end, though, Jason and Travis Kelce couldn’t help but get emotional when discussing the event. Especially after seeing their mom experience it with them.

During their latest episode of the New Heights podcast, the Kelce brothers got emotional while discussing the entire experience.

This is just phenomenal stuff. Clearly, the Super Bowl was a big moment for Jason and Travis Kelce. Seeing their mom on top of the world like that meant everything to both of them.

She definitely handled her business, as their mother was very active leading up to the Super Bowl.

Although the Eagles fell short, Jason Kelce can’t help but feel pride and joy for his brother and family.

Meanwhile, Travis Kelce felt that through his brother’s words and got emotional himself.

Even football fans shed some tears listening to the Kelce brothers discuss their experience at the Super Bowl.

Does anybody else feel like hugging their mom now?