Jason Whitlock On Ciara’s National Anthem Dress: She’s Just ‘Thirsty’

Jason Whitlock, to the surprise of very few, has plenty of opinions and social media life lessons to offer the world about Ciara’s outfit, and the subsequent reaction that followed during her performance of the National Anthem during Monday night’s CFB National Championship game.

Many people, particularly the usual Twitter swarm, felt Ciara was far too revealing. And today, on Colin Cowherd’s radio show, Whitlock explained the reasoning behind the outfit was that Ciara is simply “thirsty,” something Cowherd adorably assumed had more to do having a Mountain Dew and less to do with Ciara’s boyfriend, Russell Wilson, finally abandoning celibacy and GETTIN’ IT IN.

In this case, Jason Whitlock absolutely does have a point. Ciara has to be thirsty by now.

As for the outfit, judge for yourself. But to me, this is hardly over the top or the dreaded “too scantily clad.”

As always, everyone needs to lighten the fuck up.

[H/T The Big Lead]