This Compilation Of Jason Witten’s Cringeworthy Commentary This Season Will Make Your Skin Crawl


Jason Witten’s first season in the booth has given us all a newfound appreciation for Tony Romo. The former Cowboy great has been less than polished through the first eight games of the season, by saying things like the soft roughing the passer rule is too “left wing” and using incorrect cliches like “pulling a rabbit out of his head.”

In Witten’s defense, the powers that be threw him right into the fire with Monday Night Football without even giving him the opportunity to sharpen his skills with a college Mid-American Conference game or something.

If you want a quick crash course in Witten’s incompetence in the booth this season, check out this funny compilation of his head-scratching commentary.

The big takeaway here is that Jason Witten needs a go-to phrase to use whenever there’s dead air. Something quick, easy to remember, and can be used over a plethora of football situations. Something like “And that’s why we play the game” or “football is a game of inches.”

Hell, Hue Jackson lasted two years in Cleveland with second worst winning percentage in NFL history by only employing one phrase after every post-game presser.

I genuinely hope Witten turns this ship around and becomes one of the iconic broadcasters of the next 20 years. Unlikely, but a man can dream.

[h/t Total Pro Sports]


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