JaVale McGee Films Bizarre Interaction With Pestering TikTok Personality At Soccer Game

JaVale McGee warms up before an NBA game.

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JaVale McGee was completely unbothered by an annoying TikTok personality at a recent outing. The NBA star was simply trying to enjoy a soccer game when the pestering poster began filming in an attempt to get some sort of reaction.

McGee wouldn’t take the bait, and he then flipped the script by filming the odd interaction himself. The entire exchange can be seen on his Instagram story.

McGee has been the centerpiece of a number of hilarious viral moments throughout his professional career. Many of those moments are a direct result of his boneheaded play on the court.

Whether that’s missing wide open dunks in the NBA Finals…

Attempting to unsuccessfully throw down fastbreak tomahawk jams…

Heaving alley oop passes into the front row of the crowd…

Or airballing free throws…

His list of bloopers is seemingly never-ending.

But on Saturday, he refused to go viral for the wrong reasons.

While attending a soccer match, someone walked up to JaVale McGee’s suite and began filming the basketball star. Unbothered by the annoying act, McGee then pulled his phone out to record the awkward moment.

While this appears, at first, to be just an odd interaction from a random person, folks in the comments section were quick to ID the annoyance.

The “fan” seems to be a TikTok influencer that went viral for both comments made about Bill Clinton at a gaming awards show and his asking an adult film star whom he called illiterate to name 10 books.

JaVale McGee seemingly recognized the fan, saying, “This dude, here, thinks I don’t know what he does on the internet. Get a reaction or some s***.”

“I don’t know what he trying to do. He just on some weird s***. We grown men around here. We grew up before this social media age s***. This s*** don’t faze us.”

McGee handled it like a champ. Hopefully, he was able to enjoy the rest of the game in peace.

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