Jay Cutler Attempted To Watch His Kids And ‘All Hell Broke Loose,’ According To Text Messages To Kristin Cavallari

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler takes enough heat for his play on the field from fans and foes alike. It hardly seems fair to put his parenting under as intense of a microscope as we put his touchdown-to-turnover ratio.

This text message exchange, however, is too good not to enjoy.

Shared by his wife Kristin Cavallari, it paints the picture of a home off the rails and in desperate need of mommy.

Oh, man, Jay. You had it so together in The League. What happened? Is Chalupa Batman really that bad of an influence?

To be fair, kids are no joke. Even the most well-behaved will make a fella crave a sweet, sweet cigarette from time to time. And it’s perfectly okay to give into the moment.