Jay Cutler Posts Graph On Instagram Alluding To Idea Of Voter Fraud In Presidential Election

jay cutler alludes to voter fraud

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Back in October, former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler retweeted Jack Nicklaus’ letter endorsing Donald Trump.

The move probably shouldn’t come as a surprise since Cutler was allegedly romantically linked to head Trump cheerleader Tomi Lahren. The retweet of support shouldn’t be surprising since Cutler’s ex-wife has said numerous times the guy is lazy as hell.

Now that the election is over, and Trump lost to Joe Biden, Cutler is alluding to something shady going on during the 2020 Election.

Cutler took to Instagram and posted a graph that showed how votes were going for both candidates over the course of the election.

In the graph, Biden’s numbers suddenly made a drastic shift over Trump’s numbers.

Cutler captioned the post “Seems pretty legit.”


The graph also reads like a typical NFL season for Cutler with the red being TDs and the blue being INTs.

The dramatic jump in votes can be easily explained.

First, Donald Trump encouraged all his supports to “go out and vote” – sometimes twice – on Election Day while Biden urged his supporters to “stay safe” and vote by mail.

Second, the physical counting of those mail-in ballots took longer because of the record number of mail-in ballots submitted across the United States.

Perhaps Cutler should stay out of politics and stick to hunting chicken killers.