Jay Z Asked David Wells About The Bloody Sock Game Because Hova Thought He Was Speaking With Curt Schilling

Jay-Z whoa

The funniest person I spotted in the crowd during Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary spectacular was David Wells.

Not that Boomer isn’t great. It’s just … it didn’t seem like he fit in with the rest of the glitterati on hand.

And apparently his status as a non-A-Lister was exposed as at the afterparty.

Ouch. That sucks.

That has to be a tough situation for Wells. All those years building up street cred only to have it disappear in an instant.

Although, this mixup explains why Jay Z was so confident he’s made the Yankees hat more famous than any Yankee player. Not as difficult as you think when your working knowledge of the roster is weak at best.

White people: they all look alike. Especially hefty ex-hurlers.