Jeff Hardy Almost Died In A Match This Weekend And The Crowd Reaction Pretty Much Tells The Story

Jeff Hardy Fall


Wrestlers do crazy shit in the ring. Especially guys like Jeff Hardy. He built a career on extreme. It’s just kind of sad he’s got to still be extreme this late in life and in his career.

Over the weekend, Hardy took a tumble off the top of a steel cage during a TNA taping. It’s not a pretty sight. Here’s a fan’s account of the fall.

Impact Wrestling star Jeff Hardy was KO’ed in frightening fashion Friday night in New York … and TMZ has learned the very painful looking fall left him pretty banged up.

The famous wrestler climbed to the top of a cage during a match at the Manhattan Center … but when he was knocked off by an opponent — sources say the fall didn’t go as planned.

We’re told Jeff was supposed to land on the ground — instead, he hit the steel steps and was knocked out cold. Hardy eventually regained consciousness … but was left in a lot of pain.

After the match, Hardy got checked out by doctors for IMPACT — which now airs on Destination America — plus he’s made an appointment this week to get his head scanned by a specialist.

There are theories going around that this is all a work. THEORIES. They think it’s all part of the show, which could be true, but wrestling has never lied to us before so why now? WHY NOW?!?!

Still the fall looks legit, the sound of head hitting steel steps sounds real, and the crowd reacts like Hardy just came within inches of wrestling in the big ring in the sky. You be the judge.

[H/T: Uproxx]