Jerry Jones Agrees With Michael Irvin’s Thoughts About Teams That Aren’t Vaccinated Aren’t Serious About Winning A Super Bowl

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  • Jerry Jones thought Michael Irvin’s message about the Cowboys’ low vaccination rate was a strong one.
  • Irvin said he’d fight a teammate if he found out they weren’t vaccinated.
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Not every team in the NFL has met the COVID-19 vaccination threshold rate of 85%. In fact, recent reports say that only 13 of the 32 teams have met that mark, and there’s a chance that not every team in the league meets that threshold this season with players choosing not to get vaccinated.

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the teams that has not met that 85% number and Michael Irvin has a problem with that.

Earlier this week, the Cowboys legend had some strong words for Dallas players that haven’t been vaccinated. In his opinion, every Dallas player now showing a desire to get vaccinated means they don’t have a desire to win a Super Bowl.

“Dude, you’re not thinking right. I don’t give a damn. Nothing else can be more important,” Irvin told the Star-Telegram. “You’re not going to get this [winning a Super Bowl] easily. And not being one of the [vaccinated teams] says there’s other things to a great number of people on this team that are more important than winning championships and that makes me worried.”

“If you’re not one of the [vaccinated] teams, are you really thinking about winning a championship?”

Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones spoke with the media on Wednesday and praised Irvin for his message.

“I thought it was an outstanding message,” Jones said.

Jones believes virtually every player on the Cowboys’ roster heading into training camp is either already vaccinated or has committed to getting vaccinated.

“From the standpoint of the players — what I call in the pipeline [have been vaccinated or are waiting for one or waiting for the second shot, etc.] — we have just a handful of players who have yet to [do so],” said a confident Jones. “…And a handful means five.”

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Irvin Says He’d Fight An Unvaccinated Teammate

Irvin also shared comments earlier in the week about the Cowboys’ low vaccination rate being related to poor leadership inside the locker room. He said that he would fight a teammate if he found out they weren’t vaccinated.

“Somebody in that damn locker room needs to say, ‘Hey man we’re going to have a chance, are you vaccinated? Let’s go through this because this could be two weeks, a healthy dude missing games.

In this league that could be it for you. The right person misses two weeks, that’s it. Your [butt] is out. I’ll fight a (expletive).”

Jones didn’t directly address Irvin’s comments about fighting unvaccinated teammates.