NFL Fans Call Out Jerry Jones For His 2-Word Response When Asked About The WFT Investigation

jerry jones very satisfied wft investigation reaction

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  • Jerry Jones was asked about the NFL’s investigation into the Washington Football Team.
  • Jones gave a two-word response, and NFL fans were quick to call him out for what he said.
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The NFL’s investigation into the Washington Football Team – the same one that found the emails from Jon Gruden that led to his departure from Las Vegas – is over. That’s what league commissioner Roger Goodell is saying, at least, as he seems determined to not release any other findings from the investigation.

According to Goodell himself, the investigation looked at close to six million documents. With just that simple bit of information alone, NFL fans and even higher-ups with the league want to see what all was discovered. With six million documents, there have to be more notable findings, but it appears that the case is closed.

While most people out there are upset with Goodell shutting the door on this, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is happy about it.

Jones was asked to share his thoughts about the NFL’s handling of the WFT investigation and he gave a two-word response, saying that he’s “very satisfied.”

NFL fans were quick to call out Jones for his remark. The majority of people on Twitter made the assumption that Jones is happy about the investigation being over because nothing negative came out about him or the Cowboys.

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This isn’t the first time Jones has talked about the investigation. Back in mid-October, just after Gruden’s emails were leaked, Jones gave a nonsensical take about the matter at hand.

“I know everybody you’ve been reading about. They’re outstanding proponents of our game,” Jones said. “We all continue to recognize what a spotlight you’re in and the way we should express ourselves.”

While Goodell may say this is the end of the investigation, it certainly feels like there’s more to come here. Whether it be in the coming weeks or months down the road, the whole situation still seems far too fresh to completely close the door on.