Fans React To Jerry Jones’ Nonsensical Take On The Jon Gruden Email Controversy

Fans React To Jerry Jones Odd Take On Jon Gruden Email Controversy

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  • Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was asked about the Jon Gruden email controversy during his appearance on 105.3 The Fan.
  • Jones raised a lot of eyebrows on social media with how non-committal and empty his response was to the situation.
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As more and more news comes out regarding the now former Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden and his behavior while working for ESPN in the early 2010s, one of the leaders in the NFL, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, was asked for his take on the situation.

During his appearance on 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday, Jones gave a response that many NFL fans had a very hard time deciphering.

“I know everybody you’ve been reading about. They’re outstanding proponents of our game,” said Jones. “We all continue to recognize what a spotlight you’re in and the way we should express ourselves.”

Huh? What does that even mean?

Then, when asked if he believed Jon Gruden deserved to lose his job because of the information that’s come out this week, Jones gave this answer.

“I don’t have anything I would want to express there one way or the other,” replied Jones. “I know that from the standpoint of contribution, I know that we are all accountable to even a, if you will, a fleeting or minor part of our actions. We are all accountable to those. But that’s about all I want to comment on it.

“We are talking about people here, and even the ones that some of the comments were directed about, those have been outstanding people in the NFL.”

It’s like Jerry Jones is speaking in code, or some kind of word jumble where you have to take all the words he said and move them around until you create a few coherent sentences.

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Fan and media reaction to Jones’ comments, or lack thereof, was swift and, as one might expect, very pointed.

Jones is probably aware, and if he isn’t, he should be, that an untold amount of NFL fans on social media almost immediately called for Jones’ emails to released once they heard the news about Gruden.

If Daniel Snyder doesn’t get touched by this whole (and every other) investigation into the Washington Football Team, there’s no WAY Jerry Jones will.