The Jets’ Plan For Aaron Rodgers Has Been Revealed

Aaron Rodgers walks out of the tunnel.

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The New York Jets are all in on acquiring future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers, according to reports.

According to a new story from The Athletic, the Jets are willing to “wait out” the 39-year-old signal-caller as he debates his NFL future following his four-day-long darkness retreat back in February.

Furthermore, the report indicates that with the Las Vegas Raiders apparently taking themselves out of the running for Rodgers’ services and with the Tennessee Titans interested in bringing back Rayn Tannehill, Rodgers’ options are now the Packers — who seemingly don’t even want him anymore, the Jets, or retirement (unless a mystery team “enters the fray” at the 11th” hour).

The Jets are willing to wait for Rodgers to make a decision because they believe the quarterback, even at 39, gives them the best chance to not only make the playoffs, but compete for the Super Bowl. Yes, it would cost a lot, both in terms of financial and trade compensation, but the Jets view getting a quarterback of Rodgers’ caliber as worth all of that — even if it also means adding the drama that follows him around. [via The Athletic]

The Jets are certainly playing a dangerous game when it comes to their pursuit of Rodgers, as it could ultimately eliminate them from signing Derek Carr, who is eight years younger than Rodgers. The fact that the franchise is so committed to Rodgers, though, suggests they’re confident that other than playing for the Packers again, they might be the only viable landing spot for the four-time NFL MVP.

As for Carr, if he doesn’t wind up signing with the Jets, two NFC South clubs — the Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints — are also reportedly interested in making him their new franchise QB.

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