Yep, Jim Harbaugh Definitely ‘Netflixed And Chilled’ With A Recruit Last Night

Welp, it’s official, Michigan Wolverines head football coach Jim Harbaugh is the creepiest strangest recruiter on the planet, willing to do anything—and I mean anything—to land a potential future prospect.

Not only has Harbaugh dipped into the very bizarre by spending the night with one of the nation’s top kickers last week and then climbed a tree to impress a cornerback recruit the other day, but Jimbo just cuddled up onto a couch for some Netflix and Chill time with 4-star defensive end prospect Connor Murphy last night.

When Harbaugh shows up past midnight for a sleep over at the Murphys #pillowfight

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Donning a full sweatsuit outfit, the Michigan coach not only spent the night at the Murphy household, but then cleaned up, slipped on his usual khaki pants and accompanied Murphy to school this morning.

Look, this is twisted on SO many levels, yet, somehow, I see Harbaugh’s insanity actually paying off for him and he lands the majority of these kids.

Still, if anyone else even attempted doing this who wasn’t a) Jim Harbaugh b) a successful football coach who’s well-known or c) has power this would be straight-up creeper, child molestation shit, man.

Keep doing you, Jim.

[H/T Bleacher Report]