Jim Harbaugh Showed Up To Football Camp Rocking A Tucked In Allen Iverson Jersey

We’ve pretty extensively covered how committed to the recruiting game Jim Harbaugh is. The guy pulls no punches. He dabs onstage with rap groups. He parties and sings with Lil Dicky. He’ll do whatever it takes to get a kid’s name signed on the dotted line. Including trying to fit in with the crew. Like he did at the Old Dominion training camp this morning by rocking an Allen Iverson jersey. His mistake? Tucking it into his pants.

Listen, from my experience as an athlete, a coach is like a father. And not like the cool dad who lets the kids drink in the basement or only do a little bit of coke, not enough to get addicted to. A coach is like the tough but¬†loving father who can go to for all of your problems but also will reprimand you for your mistakes. Dads like that can’t fit into your friend group. And you don’t want them to, either. That’s the vibe I’m getting from Harbaugh. The dude’s a tough dad looking to help you change your life. He can’t fit in. He doesn’t know how to wear an Allen Iverson jersey or that there are other pants in the world besides khakis. If I were a 5-star recruit, that’s who I’m fucking with. Not the coach who assures you that he has a very loose understanding on what is rape and what isn’t. Harbaugh knows what he’s doing. I wouldn’t be shocked if he did it on purpose. The guy gets recruits, and sometimes, you have to wear some clothes you don’t want to.