A Fart Or Not A Fart? That’s The Question Everyone’s Asking After Hearing A Strange Noise During Jim Tomsula’s Press Conference


You guys, I cant be certain, but it sure as hell sounds like San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula ripped one during his press conference on Friday, leading to Fartgate becoming the biggest question around the NFL.

For one day, people forgot about the New England Patriots taking air out of balls and talked about how one man may have had air come out of his ass while answering questions from reporters.

Just listen to that video and tell me he didn’t let one slide. Hell, the squinty eyes immediately after the fart sound is almost a dead giveaway, right? I mean, that’s the exact face one would make if he were the culprit. It’s not as if he didn’t hear the noise and reacted as shocked as everyone.

When you hear a fart sound, you react differently, that’s all I’m saying.

To get to the bottom of this, the San Francisco Chronicle‘s Eric Branch went into the bowels of great reporting to figure out what really happened, being told by fart sound sources that it was a leather chair and not Tomsula’s butt that made the noise, per Branch’s Twitter:


I’m not one to blame a guy for a fart without more evidence than just this, but, based off what I heard and Tomsula’s reaction, I’m betting on the guy who LOOKS LIKE HE WOULD FART during a press conference on farting during a press conference.

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