Jimmy Fallon Absolutely Roasted Cowboys And Eagles Players With Some Brutal Superlatives

Ahead of their Sunday Night Football contest this week, The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon took it upon himself to hand out some excellent superlatives to players on the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys, as he’s been known to do quite frequently for big NFL rivalry games.

Of course Fallon didn’t dissapoint, delivering some completely brutal – albeit all in good fun – insults to players of each team based on their appearance in their official NFL team pictures. As a Birds fan, well, I’ll have to say that Brandon Weeden’s was probably the funniest of all…because it’s definitely true.

Making fun of their rampant alcoholism, sexual dysfunction, and in Sam Bradford’s case, inability to not look goofy AF at all times. Just savage, Jimmy Fallon! But to be honest, some of these guys were just asking for it with their awkward expressions. You have to know to bring your A-game when it’s picture day, because you only get that kinda of shot once a year. Mess it up, and you’ll end up getting roasted by Jimmy Fallon dammit!

But seriously, I never noticed that Jason Peters didn’t have eyebrows until this segment. Whatever. E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!

[via The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon]

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