Girl On ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ Admits To Cheating On Her Ex-Boyfriend With Hockey Player Tyler Johnson

Jimmy Kimmel loves “man on the street” segments where one of his underlings holds a microphone up to strangers on Hollywood Boulevard and they answer some silly question. But last night things got weird. Since Nobel Prizes were handed out this week, Kimmel asked strangers “what’s the most impressive thing they’ve ever done?” This girl’s answer? “Cheat on my boyfriend and not have him find out.”

She elaborates: It was an ex. He was a “famous athlete” with the initials “T.J.” She then adds he played for “Florida… Tampa Bay.” So… Tyler Johnson?

And that ends the most awkward “man on the street” segment in late night television history. Absolutely shameless, babe. Shameless.

Two things: (A. It’s Jimmy Kimmel so the likelihood that it’s staged is probably around 95% and (B. if it IS real, there’s much more to this story that we’ll never know. No one just says something like that to a television camera.

Sorry, Ben.

[H/T: Uproxx]