JJ Redick Gets T’d Up, Ejected Coaching Youth Basketball Game

JJ Redick on set before a TV appearance.

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JJ Redick admitted to being ejected from a youth basketball game over the weekend while coaching his team. The former NBA player received a technical foul for questioning a call before later getting tossed.

He broke down the hilarious situation in a recent podcast appearance.

While speaking on his The Old Man and the Three show, Redick detailed his experience from Sunday. During a segment with another former pro baller, Jamal Crawford, Redick confirmed that he had, in fact, been thrown out while roaming the sidelines.

During his son’s 8/9-year-old game, Redick voiced his displeasure with a travel call to the referee. Here’s what happened.

“Tightly contested contest. Last four minutes… we were down one,” Redick began as he set the scene for listeners.

“A kid on the other team caught the ball and he shuffled his feet, got a running start, and then dribbled. One of my kids had just been called for a travel, which I didn’t think was a travel by the rulebook.

“I said to the ref, ‘Are you seriously not going to call a travel when you just called a travel on one of my kids?’ And he T’d me up.”

The conversation didn’t end there, though. Redick would take it a step further, which landed him the ejection.

“As I’m walking away, I just gave him my sarcastic ‘Are you serious?’ He tossed me for that.”

Crawford asked JJ if he got his money worth with the ejection, but Redick said he kept his composure and showed restraint. Making things worse, he then had to sit on the end of the bench the rest of the game since he was the team’s ride home.

Followers of the podcast were quick to react to the tech and ensuing ejection online.

We definitely need to have JJ mic’d up for one of these games.

Hopefully he doesn’t land a suspension for his actions…

Redick, himself, responded to the video with a message on Twitter that read, “I stand by my actions.”

After the game, the official realized that it was JJ Redick that he’d just thrown out. He later apologized, though Redick wasn’t bitter. He ended by saying, “I’m not JJ Redick on the sidelines, I’m just a dad.”

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