JJ Redick Shuts Down Haters Who Whine About NBA Super Teams With Some Very Simple Facts

by 3 years ago

There’s been a lot of hate being tossed around about all of these super teams that have been formed over the past decade or so in the NBA, with some of the game’s biggest stars forgo the chance to play against one another for the opportunity to play with each other.

Los Angeles Clippers guard JJ Redick has something to say about that hate, though. And he allowed it to pour out today on Twitter with some facts that might surprise even the most diehard hoops fan.

Redick, who’s typically reserved and doesn’t speak up much, seems to disagree with commissioner Adam Silver, who, just the other day, actually admitted that all these All-Stars banding together to win a title is a bad thing for the league.

Well, JJ sort of makes a solid point here by stating the facts—a bunch of teams may use the strategy to win 55-plus games and make a run in the postseason, but there’s only one champion, and more often than not, the team claiming that honor isn’t the same year-after-year.


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