J.J. Watt Eats 9,000 Calories A Day, Is A BIG Fan Of Brunch

by 4 years ago


Last night, I finally caught the first episode of Hard Knocks or, as I affectionately call it, J.J. Watt And The Slap Dicks. I’m just kidding, I don’t like to call it that. But the show did feature a whole lot of J.J. Watt, didn’t it? And that montage of Watt being the hardest working guy of all time immediately followed by his stint as the nicest guy of all time was a reach-around for the ages.

What was made abundantly clear, during Watt’s five minute tire flipping segment, is that they guy works out a lot. And he doesn’t half ass it, either. Because you one get one shot at life and PAIN DON’T HURT.

To keep his bod in mint condition, Watt has to apparently eat upwards of 9,000 calories a day. Or at least that is what ESPN is reporting.

His calorie count rose to somewhere between 6,000 and 9,000 calories per day, depending on how active he was each day. Watt opted to keep his own meal plan a secret, but it would take about 50 slices of bacon, 20 chicken breasts and 13 whole avocados to reach 9,000 calories.

“I love brunch,” Watt said. “Brunch is my favorite meal. I went there, had brunch, had a massive potato pancake omelet, which is an omelet inside a potato pancake. Then I had stuffed French toast with berries and stuff. My cheat meals aren’t even that exciting. That was my cheat meal. The omelet is still pretty darn healthy. The stuffed French toast was the cheat meal, but that was delicious.”

“It’s literally, if I’m not working out, I eat the whole time I’m not working out,” Watt said. “It’s exhausting. You have to force feed. You have to force yourself to eat food.”

“Everything in you wants to eat the stuff that tastes good,” Watt said. “And trust me I love good food just as much as anybody. It’s just like everything else. In the early days, there’s days when you don’t want to go to the gym. There’s days when you don’t want to wake up early. There’s plenty of days when I don’t want to eat chicken breast and broccoli and rice, but I know what I have to do and I know the sacrifice I have to make.”

Good to see that, deep down, Watt is just a fat kid like the rest of us. A harder-working, much nicer fat guy. That’s why he can flip a 1,000-pound tire 65 times in one day while the rest of us are on the couch flipping through the channels talking ourselves out of a 30-minute workout.



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